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Behind the Lense

"I am simply the narrator of the story."

Words tell stories, but images communicate them powerfully, emotionally, and dimensionally.

Hello. I'm Claudia the Visual Creator and Stylist behind VisualityByCo. 

As a visual storyteller, I have a deep passion for thoughtfully angling the lense to capture your narrative. I have always loved focusing in on humanity and exposing the many forms and functions of its beauty. And that’s what inspires me to expose who you are, to express your personality through portrait, lifestyle, and brand photography. But every story has depth that extends beyond the scope of a camera.

By blending natural imagery with digital design and cinematic elements, my work connects your audience to every layer of you. Together, these mixed arts create evocative photographs that do more than tell your story – they communicate your essence, your perspective, and your reality.

I welcome you to Visualitybyco!